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It’ll Cure What Ails Ya

After the car accident Debi had back and leg pain for months. She went to all sorts of doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, Chinese medicine practitioners and alternative medicine gurus but none were of any help. She even tried … Continue reading

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Customer – I’d like to pick up my prescription.  Employee (he always speaks in a monotone) – What’s the last name? C – Smith E – There are a number of Smiths. First name? C – Jean E – Is … Continue reading

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By Any Other Name

  – Hi, uh – Janine. – Yes Janine. – You know, you never remember my name. That’s really insulting. You need to work on that. I’m Janine Marshall. – No you aren’t. – Excuse me? – YOU are my … Continue reading

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The Trumps, After the Fall

Donald Trump is listening to Congress on C-SPAN. “The House votes to impeach.” DT–  (trump is eating Mcdonald’s hamburgers from a cart). Screw this, I won’t resign.  I am not a crook!  Besides, I have to give Alaska to Russia … Continue reading

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Death at a Farm

Dave was killed recently in a stampede at his farm.  The thing is, it was a poultry farm.  Up until then, the chickens all seemed really happy; they were free range, fed organically and treated with respect and care.  But … Continue reading

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Do The Math

This thought occurred to me recently so I looked up some information on the Internet and did the math. No, this article isn’t about equations and you don’t have to do any math. The Rose Bowl enters into the picture … Continue reading

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A Driving Navigation App My Mom Would Like

The other day I was driving somewhere and using a navigation app. At one point it told me to get in the left hand lane but the traffic was heavy, plus there was a truck next to me so I couldn’t.  … Continue reading

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