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I have been questioned on how truthful my bio is.  I stand on the words that are written, but I will let you decide for yourself.….

I started off with a simple life really.  At an early age, my family realized that I liked music and with the encouragement from my father, at the age of three I learned to play the piano.  By five, I had written a symphony and two sonatas.  One day, while recording a classical piece in the studio, I met the people who had the studio after me, The Beatles.  They were very nice and we had a lot in common in our musical tastes.  They let me listen to their session and I was surprised they took my suggestion of blending a number of songs together.  They released that medley on their Abbey Road album.  Shortly after, I had heard a fascinating rendition of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Bourrée in E Minor,” done by Jethro Tull and thought the conversion of it to a new style of music was brilliant.  A few years later, with a few tweaks in musical taste and a slight switch from piano to electric guitar, I was touring with Led Zeppelin.  In fact, I am an unnamed influence of a number of songs on their fifth album “Houses of the Holy.”  I love music, but touring was tough and I soon felt like I needed to take a break from the music scene.

My mother was a beatnik poet and encouraged me in other artistic endeavors.  I loved art and finger painting, and through connections made in Led Zeppelin tour parties, I became immersed in the art scene in the 1970s.  The 70s were a tumultuous time though and artists like Andy Warhol and Jean Tinguely would constantly steal my ideas until we parted ways.  Photography was interesting to me also, but misfortune followed again; I had just developed a picture I took of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, but I ran out of the darkroom to use the water closet for a moment and when I returned, the negative was gone.  The next month I saw it had been published on the cover of Rolling Stone by Annie Leibovitz.

Then I decided to go to college. I got into the best schools (Harvard, Princeton, MIT and Caltech). I decided to go to Caltech and get an English degree.

Later, impassioned about issues of our society, I decided to try and do something about them.  I formed a couple of Washington think tanks with some notables including Jimmy Carter after his presidency.  We were mainly focused on ideals against the conservative issues that were so popular at the time.  Reaganomics was all the rage, but we knew it would hurt America in the long run.  Also, some thought Reagan’s appointment of a “Drug Czar” was a good idea but it was too big a problem to be able to afford to fix.  Don’t even get me started with how his VP and successor, became friends with and protected people causing problems.

As Clinton entered office and the economy expanded, I liked what I saw going on in Silicon Valley.  The World Wide Web had exciting opportunities.  That is where I made my millions.  After doing so, I bought a yacht and went off to sail the world with my 22 year old girlfriend Heather.  We decided to escape from society for a few months.  We watched lots of sunsets, swam with the dolphins, looked at the stars and made love on desert islands.  When we returned, the dot com bust had already happened and I found my fortune lost.  Then Heather left me and a few recessions later, here I am, making drinks in a coffee shop for cranky people, venting on a blog and praying that a giant asteroid is screaming towards my apartment window.



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