Martian Wars

Water on MarsWater on Mars 2

Today, NASA announced that they found water on Mars.  The water is in a very salty mixture and actually flows under certain conditions (as you can see in the photos above).  Then NASA announced a mission in the future to send a spacecraft to Mars that will drill underground & analyze what they find.  I just hope the drill bit doesn’t come up with fur on it.

Maybe when the atmosphere on Mars blew away, the remaining water seeped into the soil, and even underground, and then the remaining life burrowed underground with it.  Thus now Mars is actually a planet of groundhogs, mice, bugs and mole-people living in vast subterraneous caverns.  So one “day” they are all just sitting down to a nice dinner of sautéed Martian cockroaches, talking about their adventures and minding their own business when our equipment drills into one of the mole people.  Suddenly their society of underground dwellers gets pissed off and finds a way to come to Earth to start an interplanetary war.

Remember the Ewoks from Star Wars? We all thought they were lame, and many of us wouldn’t care if we drilled into an Ewok, but maybe that’s whats underground on Mars…teddy-bear-like Martian mole people ready to rise up and attack.



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