8 / 7 Central – C’mon Central Time, Just Be Yourself

US Time ZonesI saw a commercial the other day for a TV show and it stated that the show starts at 8 / 7 Central. So everyone sees the show at 8 except for the Central Time people who essentially see the TV shows at the same moment that the East Coasters do.


Why do the Central Time people have to watch TV with the East Coasters? Are they lonely? Are they insecure? Gotta pretend to be East Coasters? You don’t see the Mountain Time people changing their schedule or the Pacific Time people changing their schedule. I guess the Central Timers want to be East Coast Time People when they grow up. They should just accept the fact that they aren’t East Coasters. Be yourself CT peeps. It’s ok.

Maybe Congress should pass a law forcing the entire Central time population to go see therapists. Of course, the therapists in Central Time are also Central Time people so the law should require that the therapists should have to be outside Central Time. That would really boost the economy too wouldn’t it? They are forcing us to buy health insurance with no price regulations on it, right? Why not force us to see therapists too and then force us to travel to other states?

Red and Blue StatesHere is an interesting fact: If you look at the map of political party support, you will see that the Republicans dominate in the Central Time Zone. Maybe that is why Republicans are so mean and angry…They don’t like watching TV on someone else’s time. Its a psychological reaction. They are being forced into a way of being that’s not them (and they don’t talk about it…they are kind of living in the closet).  Maybe getting their time zone to have their own TV viewing time will fix Middle USA.

Bottom line, this 8/7 Central thing is what’s ruining America. How about the TV networks stop coddling and reinforcing these Central Time people insecurities and get them on their own TV time. Maybe we can avoid the forced therapy after all and people will start believing in themselves more. Maybe letting the Central Time people be themselves, will help heal our country. Amazing that all our problems in America come down to the TV viewing hours dictated to the Central Time Zone. Well, this has been an interesting sociological study on what started out as a comedic vent.


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