Creative Use of Technology

Transporter PadScientists are working on developing teleportation, the idea from Star Trek where people can be “beamed” from the spaceship to the planet surface or anywhere else. Instead of sitting in traffic, you could avoid it all and beam yourself to work. Instead of driving to the airport and going through the huge hassle that is, beaming yourself overseas would just take a few seconds. Avoiding travel time and the stress of travel is great, but I think there is another use for teleportation that would be a huge benefit to especially one sect of our population. Pregnant women. Can you imagine? No more long, painful births filled with blood loss, massive doses of anesthetic that can be harmful to the mother and the child, not to mention horrible muscle contractions, tearing of all sorts of things and even trauma to the baby. Just get Scotty in the control room, lock on the fetus and …..beam it out.

Update:  Great comment below that I am adding – “If the technology was refined enough maybe we could “beam out” other things such as tumors or shrapnel.”

beam me out

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  1. If the technology was refines enough maybe we could “beam out” other things such as tumors or shrapnel

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