Hey, let’s go to the park!

“Going to the park.” It sounds like such a nice outing: Sunshine, relaxing walks, picnics, back to nature in a clean, safe place.   But living in the city of San Francisco, I have seen the reality of going to the park.  First of all, forget laying out the blanket and having a picnic.  The park grounds are all full of dog crap.  And of course that means the dogs are mostly off leash.  And of course, the dogs are mostly pitbulls.  And of course the dogs are mostly off leash because their owners are rude, inconsiderate assholes….or more correctly the nastiest, angriest neighbors in a 20 mile radius.  But don’t worry, pitbulls are loving creatures ….unless their owners teach them to be angry and nasty….but that hardly ever happens, right?  And of course the other park people are homeless people who live in the park…. who sleep on the park benches that now smell like them.  Think about that; you and your lover sit on that bench and enjoy the view and the day, and then the stuff you sat in adheres to your clothes, which it does, and then you go home and sit on your couch (so some of what was on your clothes is now on your couch) and then, continuing your day of nature, you go to the bedroom and make out on the bed before getting naked and doing in on the covers that are now contaminated with whatever was on the homeless peoples’ clothes….. that they wear every day of their lives…..without washing…..and who crap in the bushes….without paper or washing….and who truly enjoy the park by smoking grass, cause that’s the only pleasure they get from their crappy lives. Hey, let’s go to the park!

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