Changing the Name of Black Friday

People buy on emotion and the underlying emotions of the holiday season are supposed to be happiness and love (at least that’s what we have been fed).  But “Black Friday?”  No happiness exists in that name and where’s the love?  Is that how you want to usher in the holiday season?

Let’s make a new name for the day like “Green Friday” or “Happy Friday.” Unlike “Black Friday,” Green Friday doesn’t make us think that the stock market has crashed again.  It also doesn’t make us think there is news of a mass shooting.  “Green Friday” is nicer and even institutes one of the two main Christmas colors of red and green, further letting people think of the holidays, happiness and then WANTING to buy presents to give.  Isn’t our world cold enough without more blackness?  Green is even the color of American money.  Yet the retail industry promotes “black.”

“Happy Friday” gives the image and feel that the holidays are here and happiness abounds.  “Happy Friday” makes us look forward to the holiday season and spending time with people.  Happy Friday makes us feel like spreading the love and buying gifts for those we care about.  Yet the retail industry promotes “black.”

Some say the phrase “Black Friday” is from accountants meaning that their accounting books go “from the red into the black” because the retail stores supposedly operate at a loss the rest of the year.  Others say it’s due to the headaches people get from overcrowding and traffic jams that come about as people rush to get discounts that stores give as they kick off the holiday shopping season.  Whatever the case, leave it to the retail industry, which usually complains that holiday shopping numbers aren’t high enough for their businesses’ well-being, to promote such a phrase as Black Friday and to industrialize the feel of the holiday season instead of making people feel like giving more gifts.  Geeze, what would happen if people were coaxed into feeling happy?

No wonder the retail industry sales are, supposedly, always low; they have no imagination with which to market their products effectively.  They don’t realize that people buy everything on emotion.  Even luxury car companies have emotional commercials to get people to buy a very expensive item for a holiday gift.  Green and Happy are more festive than black.  Green and Happy are more appropriate than black.  Green and Happy are nicer than black.  Let’s change the name and start welcoming this Friday (albeit a BS marker day) instead of dreading it.



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