Passwords Are Better Than Fingerprint Scanners

Since Apple discussed coming out with a fingerprint device, I have heard a lot of people saying that passwords are on the way out.  Even Google’s security chief said “passwords are done at Google.”  Of course, she didn’t offer specifics and later said that they are “experimenting” with other technologies, so in fact they aren’t dead.  I would rather have a password than a fingerprint option.

At first glance, the idea of using fingerprints sounds like its personal, infallible and un-hackable.  But it is none of that.  What happens when you touch a fingerprint recognition device, is that your fingerprint gets converted into data in the software and compared to the stored information.  Again, it just becomes a set of data in a database…..and as we all know, anything is hackable.  So the big problem is, when the data about your fingerprint gets hacked, and it will be hacked, it can then be used on everything you use…opening your phone, then passwords including your email and bank accounts.

However, unlike fingerprints, passwords, which are also a set of data on a platform, CAN BE CHANGED.  So when your passwords get hacked, you just change them.  Your fingerprint can’t be changed so what do you do?

It’s not that passwords are so bad an idea, it’s that people are too lazy to make good ones, memorize them and then make and memorize new ones on occasion.  Even Google’s security chief blamed this whole problem of passwords on that fact that people did not turn on the two-step authentication.  On a side note, if your phone, etc.  requires a fingerprint and your finger gets injured (burned, cut, put in a cast, etc.), what are you going to do?  I’ll take passwords any day over fingerprints.

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