Scripts are Being Killed Thanks to Smart Phones and the Internet

In the past, movies and tv shows always had events written into their scripts where an event occurred that resulted in the introduction of an important idea, new character or important stress point that pushed the story along or possibly changed its path.  But these are all disappearing thanks to cell phones and the internet.  What do I mean?

  • Lost are the important scenes where a character is running around frantically looking for a payphone to make a life-saving or other important call.
  • Characters won’t be able to meet beautiful strangers in the library.
  • Soon, characters won’t be able to have sex on the top floor / hidden stacks of the library because libraries and stacks will disappear.
  • Characters won’t be able to get stuck in an elevator without a way of calling someone for help.
  • No character will ever be able to get lost without the same excuse that they can’t get signal to look up a map.
  • Kids won’t be able to say they couldn’t find the book to read for their homework.
  • Charming scenes of looking through old bookstores will disappear.
  • Character will not be able to strike up great conversations in bookstores with beautiful strangers that they have something in common with.
  • Gone are scenes of mysterious strangers reading newspapers.
  • Soon there will be no more scenes of near empty subway cars with newspapers on the seats.
  • Soon there will be no more peaceful scenes of people reading magazines in doctors’ offices.  The people will all be on smartphones.  However, characters won’t be able to ask them about something in the magazine because no one wants to admit they are looking at the phone screen of the person next to them.
  • Crazy scenes involving porn stores will disappear.  OK, porn stores will never disappear.
  • Scenes with people at news-stands will cease to exist.
  • Looking up the price of a stock in a newspaper?  Forget it.
  • Scenes with parent giving their kids a sex talk?  Nope.  By the time kids are a month into kindergarten, their friends will have already raised the subject, then they will have all looked it up on the internet and then be able to give their parents a sex talk… not to mention a psychological discussion of the parents’ following dysfunctional emotions.
  • Characters will never again have the excuse for not knowing how to cook anything.
  • Scenes in a home that involve a guest overhearing a message being left on an answering machine will never happen again.
  • Scenes where a person is unreachable even with messages left at their work and home not only wont happen again, to people growing up in the future they won’t even make sense.
  • Already gone are potential scenes that take place in music and video stores.
  • There will be no more scenes of kids selling newspapers on the corners yelling “Extra, extra read all about it!” OK, those scenes were gone a long time ago.

So what is to happen in the future of scripts?  All the characters will sit quietly and look up stuff on the smart phones until the show ends?  On the good side, we won’t have to be confronted with stupid movies like “Phone Booth.”



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