Romeo and Juliette Balcony Scene (New York City)


Juliette’s 3rd floor apartment window in Brooklyn

Juliette:  Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?

Romeo:  Yo, look down!

Juliette:  Yo, look down?

Romeo:  Yeah, or are you talking to another Romeo in the building across the street?

Juliette:  There’s no one across the street.  Besides, it’s from a play.  I wasn’t talking to you.

Romeo:  You said Romeo!  What play?

Juliette:  Its called Romeo and Juliette.  Purely a coincidence.

Romeo:  Who wrote a play about us?

Juliette:  Its from 500 years ago.  Its not about us!

Romeo:  So then what are you looking across the street for?  You think you’re gonna find me over there?  Or in a tree?  I don’t climb trees Jules!

Juliette:  Yeah yeah, I know.  Ever since you tripped over the curb drunk and busted your ankle.

Romeo:  Yeah.  C’mon down, let’s go to the bar.

Juliette:  I can’t, I’m babysitting.

Romeo:  Babysitting?  You were just calling me.  Remember?  Romeo, Romeo wherefo…..

Juliette:  Its from a play!!!  And I was just dreaming out loud you jerk!

Romeo:  Dreaming?  You seemed awake.  What are you sleepwalking?

Juliette:  Geeze, you’re an idiot.

Romeo:  What?

Juliette:  I said you’re an idiot!

Romeo:  Oh, real nice.  I show concern and you call me names.

Juliette:  Will you shut up!

Romeo:  C’mon Jules.  Tell your father to watch the kid himself and lets go out.

Juliette:  First of all, he’s not here.  Thats why I’m babysitting.  And second of all, I don’t want to!  Now get lost!

Romeo:  Get lost.  I thought we had a good thing going here.  I thought you said you loved me?

Juliette:  Loved?  What are you crazy?  I was thinking about the play and I was drunk; I didn’t know what I was saying.  Now beat it!

Romeo:  Fine I’ll go alone!

Juliette:  Good!

(he walks off)

(pause) (Juliette regains her composure, looks upwards and starts)

Juliette:  Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?

Romeo:  (from around the corner) Oh, you changed your mind?  Forget you!

Juliette:  I didn’t change my mind, loosa.  Its from the play!  Go to the bar!

Romeo:  I’m going!


Juliette:  Ugh, I’ll use a different name.  (she pauses and thinks)  Johnny, Johnny wherefor…

Johnny:  …Right here.  Were you expecting me?

Juliette:  This can’t be happening.



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