This Is How Politicians Should Be Elected

The Election Process

  1. No more timed-out term limits (don’t yell, keep reading);
  2. 4/5 of the way through the term, the politician has to get graded by the electorate;
  3. If that grade is below 70%, then they CAN’T run for re-election;
  4. If that grade is above 70% then they have to run for re-election to remain in office;
  5. No major money expenditures can be approved as of one week before the grading day. so there is less chance of a politician selling out the electorate which happens all too much now.

This process of grading then electing:

  1. Protects the populace by increasing the likelihood that the politician will fairly represent the electorate and not put their own interests first because they have to get a passing grade whereas 50%+1 is ultimately a failing grade, just better than the other candidate
  2. Increases electorate turn out (because people want to tell the politician what they think of them AND grading makes people feel that their voices are more heard
  3. Decreases the influence of political parties and wealthy donors / organizations because there wont be enough time to pour as much money into an election between grading day and election day so the organizations wont know until late who is even running



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