2 am

Its 2 am.  I woke up half an hour ago and I can’t get back to sleep.  What to do.  I’ll check my Twitter stream.  A friend is also up.  She just tweeted that her job gives her insomnia; she is a lawyer and she’s always wrapped up in the details of her cases.  I bet the better lawyers can’t sleep because of that.  in fact when looking for an attorney to represent you, asking them if they sleep is probably an important question.  The ones who sleep well must not care about doing a thorough job or representing their clients well.  A girl on her cell phone just walked past my apartment.  I wonder what she did tonight.  Maybe she is a bartender.  No, I could hear her hard soled shoes.  I don’t think a bartender wears shoes like that.  They probably all wear sneakers.  The pipes in the walls just creaked.

I’m staring at the kleenex box wondering if a spider will crawl out of it.  I’ve seen it happen.  Two months ago a spider bit me in my sleep.  The wound, about the size of a quarter, is still there.  It itches.  I know it was a spider because I woke up at 1 am the next night and saw it crawling on the floor next to my bed.  I killed it.  Its life is over, yet mine continues as I write about it.  Eventually my life will end and others will continue.  I’m sure that spider came from the kleenex box on my night stand.  Actually, I have no proof that the spider that I killed was the same as the one that bit me and which did ultimately come from the kleenex box / factory, but I think the evidence is close enough.  Tweeted that.  I’m starting to sound like a lawyer.  My lawyer friend responded and said there is some liability on the part of the kleenex company there.  Of course she also said to bite the spider back.  Wow, she must really be tired.

I realize that Twitter has made me paranoid about using punctuation.  Should I put the period at the end of that sentence?   Will it fit?  And what about that question mark?  Or commas?  Do we really need punctuation?

I can hear drunk people outside.  We need more police in this town.  I can also hear the building settling.   The building settling; where did that phrase come from?  Still no spider.  Maybe I should give up trying to go back to sleep.  What can I do?   The TV doesn’t work.  Or should I say the cable TV doesn’t work.  I just got it and I need a technician to come out and replace the box already.  I guess I can watch a show on the computer.   Maybe I can write this stuff down into a blog post.  In fact, instead of getting up, maybe I can type that blog post on my phone, in my bed, in the dark.  The thought of getting up makes me tired.  I wonder if I can use that; maybe if I keep thinking of getting up, I will fall back to sleep.  Does proper English put a space between the “2″ and the “am?”  I never felt comfortable with the question mark, or any punctuation, within the quotes.  Who thought up that rule anyway?  Does the word “anyway” make me sound like a hillbilly?  I can see a hillbilly saying “Who thought up that rule anyway” and then spitting his chewing tobacco on the ground and laughing with his stupid friend.  Still staring at the kleenex box.  Oh, leg cramp!   I’m up.


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