I’m A Good Kisser?

I’ve had a number of women tell me that I was a good kisser.  🙂  That was a long time ago.  😦  Maybe if I was in better shape now I would be getting more action – ok, any action.  Actually, after getting beat up emotionally so much, I dont put myself out there anymore.  Whatever the case its my own fault of course, however I also know that I could be in terrible shape and wealthy and my dating life would be different.  It’s funny how so many womens’ standards change depending on a guy’s wealth.  I’ve even met wealthy women who would only go out with wealthy men.

Getting back to the kissing though…. I know the women who told me I was a good kisser thought they were complimenting me, but it didn’t make me feel good because A) I dont want to know she’s thinking of other guys while kissing me and apparently at the time, I was being ranked amongst all men on the planet; B) This comment also brought up the question: How many men did this adorable angel kiss, who was not only cute but drew me in with her smile and laugh, to develop such a worldwide ranking system, not to mention C) Since kissing is also supposed to be an expression of affection and not just a purely physical act that can be ranked, this seeming compliment was actually a voicing of a lack of interest.   Sure there is an element of style to kissing or any intimate / sexual act, but apparently the concern of these women at the time was with style and not the emotion.

Is it me?  I never would have told a woman I was kissing that she had good style.  I would have said something more like how I loved kissing her.  Women love to complain that men arent romantic but men are the ones who always initiate romance.  Maybe its that testosterone drives us.  Maybe its that women have so many options that they get used to sitting back and comparing options as they present themselves.  Men though seem to focus on goals and women seem to be able to have more complicated thought processes which let them intermix thoughts and emotions more and even switch back and forth between the two.  Who knows how it exactly happens; its one of life’s complicated mysteries that hasnt been figured out yet.

Whatever the case, although I was wondering where the kissing “compliment” at the time came from, I didn’t care because I just wanted to keep kissing these sexy, beautiful women and agreeing with them until they were naked.  So why ruin an otherwise great experience?  So what if we see things a bit differently?  I guess when it comes down to it we are all a bunch of little tarts.

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