Cigarettes and Smoking Should Be Illegal

What kills people who die in a fire?  It’s the smoke!  It’s not the flames or the heat.  The smoke prevents our lungs from getting enough oxygen to live.  So why are cigarettes legal?  Because they have been around for years?  Because they are big business?  Because they are not hurting anyone?  The large amounts of money cigarette companies make (and donate to politicians) is what protects them from being outlawed as they are an addictive carcinogenic drug.

Tobacco has, in fact, been a problem in America back to the birth of our country…..Did you know that the southern states refuse to sign the Declaration of Independence if it included wording to free the slaves (which were brought in to primarily farm tobacco, the South’s major crop)?


Do you think cigarettes are just a dried plant wrapped in thin paper?  Guess again.  There are hundreds of chemicals added to cigarettes and 69 have been identified as carcinogens.

Philip Morris’s own website states “7,000 chemicals have been identified in tobacco smoke to date. Public health authorities have classified some 70 smoke constituents as likely causes of smoking-related diseases, such as lung cancer, heart disease and emphysema.”

The National Cancer Intitute states of chemicals in cigarettes “250 are known to be harmful, for example, hydrogen CYANIDE, carbon monoxide, and ammonia.  At least 69 of the toxic chemicals in secondhand tobacco smoke cause cancer.” 

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) states that although almost 70% of current smokers say they want to completely stop smoking, only 6.2% of smokers say they had successfully quit in the past year.
A few more fun facts from the CDC:

  • On average, smokers die 13 to 14 years earlier than nonsmokers
  • For every person who dies from a smoking-related disease, 20 more people suffer with at least one serious illness from smoking.
  • Cigarette smoking costs more than $96 billion in health care expenditures.
  • Secondhand smoke costs more than $10 billion in health care expenditures, morbidity, and mortality.


Some answers to basic questions:
*  What does the nicotine in cigarettes do?  It’s a stimulant and it’s addictive.
*  Does nicotine do anything else?  Yes, it is a widely used insecticide.
*  Have the nicotine (the addictive molecule) levels in cigarettes been genetically altered to be even more addictive than naturally? Yes, admitted by the tobacco companies.
*  Are cigarettes useful in any way to the general public or do they only give them a short term / low level high?  They have no use other than being an addictive drug.
*  Are cigarettes directly responsible for cancer, heart disease, vascular disease, emphysema and other diseases?  Yes, Philip Morris admits this on their website.
*  Has their second hand smoke been proven to be toxic to those who breathe it in?  Yes, this is a widely known fact.


Second hand smoke info for those of you who don’t smoke, because we know the smokers generally don’t care about what happens after the smoke leaves their cigarettes:

The National Cancer Institute states:
“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. National Toxicology Program, the U.S. Surgeon General, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer have all classified secondhand smoke as a known human carcinogen (a cancer-causing agent).”


“Inhaling secondhand smoke causes lung cancer in nonsmoking adults.  Approximately 3,000 lung cancer deaths occur each year among adult nonsmokers in the United States as a result of exposure to secondhand smoke.”


What is a safe level of secondhand smoke?  “There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. Even low levels of secondhand smoke can be harmful. The only way to fully protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke is to completely eliminate smoking in indoor spaces. Separating smokers from nonsmokers, cleaning the air, and ventilating buildings cannot completely eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke.”


Smokers claim the same parallels to alcohol but the smoke from cigarettes goes everywhere and, unlike alcohol, the smoke is harmful to everyone in the vicinity.  The majority of the population doesn’t smoke, yet smokers have rights that affect everyone’s health adversely from cancer to allergic reactions to asthma and other breathing problems.  Even by people smoking on the sidewalk, their smoke easily permeates into the buildings and cars they pass.  Renters have limited rights to stop smokers and are told if they don’t like it, then move.

As we know, the cigarette companies genetically altered the tobacco to increase the levels of nicotine so more people would become addicted, need to smoke more and be unable to stop smoking at all.  But when it was found that they did this, were they required to lower the nicotine levels back to the naturally existing levels?  No.  Would any other industry be able to get away with this?  No.  Yet their products are still on the market.

Because some people are stupid enough to smoke anything, and some companies make huge amounts of money off that stupidity and addiction, doesn’t mean the product should be legal.  Yes, I am tired of this harmful, addictive, toxic, disgusting, drugged product being allowed to be sold in our society.  Cigarettes are indeed a drug.  The drug and the smoke harm everyone who breathes it in including those who don’t even use them.

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