Who Are They?

One day, I was in a restaurant at the bar when two women came in.  One was a gorgeous woman in her mid to late 20s and the other looked like her boss, old aunt or maybe young grandmother.  They sat next to me.  The younger one mentioned that she just flew in to town.  She was really better looking than the word “gorgeous” can convey. She had beautiful eyes, a stunning smile, charm, a great body and great energy.  She even dressed well.  The one thing she was missing was attitude, which made her even more attractive.  The older one had long grey straggly hair, was disheveled, overweight and dressed like she didn’t care.  Something didn’t seem right about them and curiosity got me.  Since they were sitting next to me, I decided to open the conversation.

I asked the two if they worked together, even though I didn’t think they did.  They said no, but didn’t say how they knew each other.  They were hiding it.  Either that or they really didn’t like me, but the former felt more fitting.  We talked a little bit more and they seemed like they had nothing in common except a liking for each other.  They both had an intelligence about them, but the younger one seemed to have a better sense of herself and the older one was kind of crude and mixed up inside.

A little later, I watched them talking to each other; the younger one had a twinkle in her eyes.  I thought, “Please god, don’t let them be dating.”  Yuck.  Eventually, the older one went to the bathroom.  I asked the younger one if she was seeing someone.  She said yes.  I asked if it was this woman she was talking with.  She looked down and again said yes  She was so uncomfortable saying it that she actually leaned over as to kind of move towards a fetal position in her seat.  She was definitely ill at ease with letting that secret out to the world.  Was the discomfort because of me or that she was embarrassed and didn’t know why she was seeing that woman who was such a mess?  I will never know.  I told her that I could tell they were together by the way they looked at each other and then wished her well…..but…..yuck.  I’ve got the lesbian blues.

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