Thumbs Replace Index Fingers

In junior high school, we were required to take a typing class.  We were taught how to place our fingers on the keyboard and use specific fingers to press specific lettered keys.  They said it was because it’s more efficient, it’s faster and because using two fingers was just not proper.  But now two finger typing is all the rage and this time, the two fingers are thumbs.

It’s so hip, fun and fashionable that people like to type with their thumbs everywhere they go…. walking down the sidewalk and grocery aisles, sitting in restaurants and bars, travelling in busses, trains and airplanes, driving (even though its very dangerous) and even at parties.  I wonder how many people break up sex to return a quick text…..and I wonder who those texts might be to.  I think some people even use typing on a smart phone as a status symbol.  And why not?   Our thumbs are one of the things that separates us from the animals, so smartphone typing shows that person is evolved.  They should be proud!  Even though that evolutionary advantage is because the thumbs allow us to grab and hold things, now thumbs have a further advantage.  In fact, smart phones have reversed everything; the fingers are holding the phone and the thumbs are doing the work.

Some people still can’t get the hang of it, but the young ones are actually quite adept and speedy at this process.  They probably type faster with their two thumbs than I can with ten fingers on a keyboard.  In fact, I am amazed how fast some can type when they can’t even feel the keys because their phone’s buttons are just graphics on a piece of glass.  It makes me wonder, if I was left to figure out how to type my own way when I was younger, rather than being taught the “proper” method, would I have been a blazing fast two-finger typer?  I guess we will never know.  If instead of using index fingers in that typing class, I had been using my thumbs, I think the teachers would have shrieked in horror.

I guess I am showing my age in these revelations that I have typed up (using ten fingers on a full keyboard) but times have changed and two-finger typing is back.  Thanks to the advent of smart phones and their tiny keyboards, two thumbs have replaced ten fingers and they are doing quite well.  Our evolutionary advantage is advancing.  By the way, does anyone else mix up the layouts of their phone keyboards and their computer keyboards sometimes?


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