A Short Study of How Tushes Altered Human History

Humans attribute their command of the planet due to their brains and their thumbs.  However, what would the history of human kind and the world have been like if human beings didn’t have bony protuberances in their pelvises that let them sit down?  Would there be cafes or restaurants or kitchen tables?  Would there be kitchens?  Would we have even learned to cook?  Would there be desks or offices?  Would we have set up businesses at all?  Of course yoga wouldn’t exist.  Would we have used horses and elephants to move us and materials around?  Would we have created modes of transportation like cars, airplanes or trains?  Would there be any deep thought since we couldn’t have sat down to think about things?  Would we have developed complex writing or architecture if we couldn’t sit at a table?  If we still could have thought, would deep thought or technology have been derailed because we were lying down on the ground and eventually then fell asleep?  Would there be any technology beyond a spear and a knife?  I’m sure pianos wouldn’t exist.  If we couldn’t sit down, would there be some type of toilet or any plumbing at all?  If not, what would our homes and work spaces have been like?  What would royalty have presided on in their courts?  Would there have been royalty or politicians of any sort?  Would there have been laws or lawyers?  (The loss of lawyers might be a good thing).  Without sitting, we could all be living in caves and the thick brush like all the rest of the animals.  Brains and thumbs separate us from the other animals?  I think not.  It all started with our asses.

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