George’s Happy Place

George had a cavity that needed be filled.  He was scared to death and didn’t know how to deal with it.  The dentist tried to tell him that this is the simplest of procedures and he had nothing to worry about.  George trusted the dentist and loved the dental assistant, Theresa, but still that didn’t help overcome his nerves.  The dentist told George to imagine a happy place and not to worry.  George looked at Theresa who could tell he was really tense.  She said, “Relax George,” and took his hand and put it on her thigh, “ok?”  George smiled and seemed to relax.

The dentist asked him to open wide and then injected his mouth with Novocain.  George immediately got tense again and started to sweat.  Theresa smiled at him and said, “You will be fine George.”  She unbuttoned a few buttons on her top and let George see her cleavage.  She had great cleavage.  She leaned over him to get an instrument.  Then she whispered into George’s ear, “I know what will calm you down.”  As the dentist was checking if George’s teeth were numb, Theresa took one of George’s hands and put it in her blouse.  Suddenly, George forgot about everything else.

She took his fingers and ran them down her cleavage and drew them across her breasts.  She was wearing a lace white bra.  Then she said softly, “Just a minute George,” as the dentist prepared the drill.  Then she took George’s hand again, tucked it inside her bra and said, “Do you like this George?”  George was in heaven.  He was so happy, turned on and distracted that he didn’t even think about the drilling. It was a fantasy come true.  He loved how every once in a while she would turn to get an instrument or lean over to take care of something and his hands wouldn’t come out of her bra.  She was very comfortable with him exploring every contour and softness of her as she worked.  Suddenly, the dentist said, “Well done George.  See that was easy.”  George blinked and looked at him and then looked at Theresa.  He was confused.  Her top wasn’t open at all.  What just happened?  He muttered, “Huh?  Are we done?”  Was he dreaming?  Had this been real?  Was his happy place gone?

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