The Torture of Soft Food

Michelle hadn’t eaten solid food for two weeks. Thanks to her dental surgery, she was on a soft food diet. The surgery consisted of taking tissue off the roof of her mouth and grafting it onto her gums where they had receded to a point that was dangerously exposing the teeth. This soft diet consisted of egg whites, plain yogurt, ice cream and a liquid dietary supplement. She asked the periodontist, “I can blend strawberries into the yogurt with a food processor, right?”  The periodontist said, “No because the seeds could get into the skin graft and mess it up.”  Needless to say, after a few weeks, Michelle was crawling the walls.  She was having fantasies about eating a big steak dinner with a brandy, pepper, cream sauce, steamed broccoli and a huge baked potato with everything on it.  She couldn’t have broccoli on this diet either.

She started working out more to get her mind off the sensual delight of a steak dinner. She also started taking long walks. Nothing was helping. She couldn’t even drink because the alcohol could slow the healing process.  One sunny day, she took a trip to a nice coastal town to walk around and have a change of scenery. It didn’t help; she kept imagining a big dinner that she could chew.  She walked around, looked at the art stores and all the happy people in their summer outfits.  But she really just wanted dinner.  A nice looking guy smiled at her as he walked past her.  She just wanted a nice meal.  She started to wonder if this is how homeless people felt.

She sat down on a park bench and listened to music on her iPod hoping that the distraction of music would do the trick.  She was hungry but she was starting to forget about it.  Then a guy on his lunch break decided to enjoy his lunch in the park.  He sat down on the bench next to Michelle, unwrapped his hamburger and took a big bite out of it.  Over the music, Michelle could hear the crunch as the guy bit through the lettuce.  Michelle was also down wind and could smell the grilled burger in the air.

The guy took another bite of the burger and moaned as the taste filled his mouth.  Then he said, “Have you eaten at the burger place across the street?  This is the best burger I have ever had!”  Michelle snapped,” What is your fucking problem?  Can’t you see I’m thinking here?  Do you think I give a damn about the burger you are eating?”  The guy looked scared.  Then Michelle started to cry.  When she stopped bawling, she couldn’t believe how stressed out she was.  She looked over to apologize but the guy was gone.  She remembered her friend who grew up in India telling her that hunger is normal around most of the world.  Most people on the planet feel very hungry every day.  Michelle couldn’t believe people live like this and she thought she should donate money to a food bank.  She was still hungry though.  She saw an ice cream place across the street and got up and walked over even though she was tired of ice cream.

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