Nancy was happy her car wasn’t working.  She excitedly drove to her mechanic.  “Hi Nancy, what happened this time?”

“Hola Tomás,” she smiled at him.  “It’s making a funny sound when I brake.  It’s been working well since I saw you last, about 5 months ago?  But now its acting up.  How have you been?”

“Been good.  Just working a lot.”  He was trying to concentrate on the car and forcing himself not to look at how sexy she looked in her jeans and black t-shirt.  On the other hand, he loves when she comes by.  “Let me start this up and take a look.”  He opened the door, got in and turned the key.  “The engine sounds fine.  Let me take it for a spin around the block.”  He closes the door and drives the car out.  While he’s gone, she looks around the garage and wonders what’s wrong with her.  On the wall she sees diplomas for a degree in biochemistry and a master’s degree in physics.  He gets back a few minutes later.  “Yeah, something’s going on with the brakes.  Can you wait till tomorrow?  I’ll check it out and call you.”

“Sure!” she says.  She thinks her imagination annoys her sometimes like now, so she tries to break it off by saying, “My husband thinks I should just get a new car.”

Tomás is glad that subject came up and says, “Well, it’s getting a little old, but brakes wear out on every car eventually.  Come into the office and I will write it up and get your key.”  She follows him taking the key off the key ring and says, “Yeah, what does he know.”  He writes down some info and when he goes for the key, he notices she isn’t wearing her wedding ring.  “Didn’t you say you were married?”

“Yes, I can’t find my ring.”
“Oh…….That’s a sign…………”
She smiles and laughs.  “Don’t say that!”
“It’s true.”
“Shush,” she says with a soft giggle.  She grabs his hand, turns it palm up and gently puts her key in it.  He feels his chest getting warm and he just looks at her.  Then she asks, “How about you Tomás?  Any women in your life?”

“Naaaaaaaa.  I mean, I meet women all the time, but no matter how attractive or smart they are, they seem to be lacking something.  It’s like they are playing a game, which granted can be really sexy, but their hearts are empty.  It’s like they are children playing grown up.  I need a woman with a warm heart and a soul I can feel.”  There is silence as she is looking at him.  He thinks he should stop talking, but then he says, “To be honest, I wish you were single.”  He is now having visions of all the things that could go wrong in saying this but he has to take the chance and tell her…”You are a great woman and,” he takes a deep breath and looks her directly in the eye, “I have such a crush on you.”

She looks downward and smiles.

He can’t believe he just said that, but he continues, “I would love to spend some time with you Nancy.  Listen, I am in my 40s and have a rule about married women, but I would whole heartedly break it for you.”

She has a huge smile on her face as she is still looking downward and shaking her head no.
He says, “I understand.  But maybe you could think about it and if you don’t find your wedding ring, maybe we could meet and talk?”

Turning a bit red, she looks up at him with a huge smile and quickly shakes her head…. no.  He says, “Ok, or maybe sometime we could meet and not talk.”

She stops nodding.  She takes a step back, looks at him and says, “Tomás, I have a crush on you too.”

He can’t believe it.  He just looks at her, stunned and with his eyes open wide.  His heart is pounding in his chest.

“Listen,” she says taking another step back, “just do whatever you have to do to the car, and I will come back in a few days.”  She pauses and turns.  Then she turns back, hugs him tightly, kisses him on the cheek, takes a few steps back and says, “We’ll see if I locate my ring.”  Then she turns and runs off.

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