My Conversation Next to an Armored Car

They say you shouldn’t buy groceries when you are hungry, and I was really hungry while shopping at the Safeway supermarket, so I got a sandwich and went outside to eat it.  I was sitting on the bench in front of the store when a Brinks armored car rolled up, two armed men got out and went into the store to collect their money.  I thought nothing of it except that the car was there for about 15 minutes which I thought was excessive for an armored car pickup.  Never the less, I finished my sandwich and was playing a game on my phone when a man walked up to me and asked if I was from South America.  I thought that was a strange question to ask a stranger.  He had gray hair, seemed clean and wore a denim jacket, hat and had a bookbag over his shoulder.

I said I wasn’t from South America.  He asked if I was from Italy.  I said no.  I asked if he was from Russia.  He said “yes, how did you know?”  I said it was his accent (at least I had something to go on).  He starts talking with an accent that I couldn’t understand especially at the fast speed that he was speaking.  The one thing I noticed he said was that he used to live in New York City and he had to move because he spoke out against New York’s Mayor Bloomberg who then was trying to kill him.

I thought the whole situation was odd and I wondered if it was a coincidence that as the armored car was delayed, he was standing next to it and talking like a nut.  My imagination took off and I started wondering if he wasn’t crazy but was talking to me as an excuse so he (and maybe friends I didn’t notice yet) could ambush the armored car with whatever weapons might have been in his bookbag.  I wondered if he had a bomb in there.  My imagination played through a scene where the bomb went off and I saw his body rip apart in the fiery blast; then I was killed as his cohorts attacked the armored car.

The two delayed armored car armed employees came back and stood outside the car as they loaded the money in.  Then I wondered if the scene I just imagined was about to take place.  As he was talking, I noticed his teeth were in a state of decay.  He was getting a little intense in his voice and mannerisms and was making me nervous.  Then the armored car drove off and I breathed a sigh of relief as I figured any pending attack and explosion wouldn’t happen.  I got up and while he was still talking, told the guy I had to go and wished him luck.  He smiled and said thanks.

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