A Plea to Warren Buffett

Mr. Buffett,h-t

I’m sure you are as concerned with Trump becoming President as the majority of voters, who by the way we know voted for Hillary Clinton, and anyone else who recognizes how immature, hateful and dishonest Trump is. People say we are stuck because he has been elected HOWEVER the US President is actually elected by the Electoral College, not the people. The members there have the authority granted by the US Constitution to vote for anyone. THIS PROVISION was made as a check and balance to prevent anomalies (like popular vote vs state difference) and / or stupid voters from electing fascists from becoming President who we all know will destroy our country and many peoples’ lives.

THE PROBLEM: There are two reasons Electors might not vote their conscience and hence not do the right thing: 1- pressure from the Governors, etc. who make them electors, and 2- a fine they would have to pay for not voting the way they are pressured to do.

Mr. Buffett, I am asking you because you are respected by most in this country no matter their political affiliation.  Due to the present state of emergency of Trump taking office (especially with a republican lead House and Senate who have a track record of voting for anything another republican puts up for vote) I would love to see you offer to PAY ANY FINES LEVIED ON ELECTORS WHO DO THE RIGHT THING and vote their conscience by voting against Trump.

On a side note, it will be a nice revenge against Trump for lashing out against you stupidly, needlessly and incorrectly. His hate filled rhetoric is already ripping our society apart. Please make this fair offer and lets try to stop this horrible road our country is going down.

– Jon Marcus



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Fixing Our Country After This Bad Election

US Flag“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” – Edmund Burke

This is especially poignant now that Trump has been elected. There are very few alive now who know that someone who wreaked havoc on the world, got into power through an election and then changed all the laws he could to allow him to do what he did. You are correct if you guessed that person was Hitler.

Trump lives in New York City and only 10% of those people, who know about him best, voted for him. People in our country who voted for Trump are 1) sadly ignorant and less educated (we need to spend more on education), 2) blind followers who vote for whatever knowingly horrible person is listed as Republican on the ballot, 3) those who buy the propaganda demonizing their opponent instead of just stating differences; 4) Racists (the KKK endorsed Trump), 5) people who vote for candidates based on a candidate’s image, fun factors and popularity like how people voted for class presidents in high school, 6) those who have no self-respect such as all the women and minorities that would vote for such an obvious misogynist and racist, and 7) those who are desperate.

That last one covers more people than we think.  The only thing I can say for slightly accepting the vote to elect Trump is that our classes are separating and it does need to change.  Trump played the card to prey on the desperation of people whose lives are very difficult and unlike other Republican candidates, he did it in a way other than religion, i.e. he said he wanted to stop jobs from going overseas. Trump is incapable of doing that, but the people in the red states are hurting plus falling behind our changing electronic society and they will believe anything in their desperation.  This is also why they believe the religion scare tactics.  Unfortunately they don’t realize that the politicians they keep electing are the people who set up their bad situation in the first place. Those politicians also prey on the desperation of those who believe in a god that will save them all. God help them this time. They elected a fascist to run our free democracy.

The election process is a job interview, not a popularity contest.  Correction, it should not be a popularity contest but it turns out to be that since most people don’t research the candidates from more than one source, or they don’t care since they are busy trying to survive, and they end up voting with their emotions instead of their intellect.  Politicians know this and they manipulate voters with this weakness all the time.

Hillary Clinton obtained the majority of the votes but the electoral college again went to the other side. I think its time to do away with that system.  If more people vote for a candidate, that candidate is the choice of the people.

People are defined by their actions, not their words. Voters have to do more research and see politicians’ past actions rather than get sucked in by their words.

What are Trump’s actions? His businesses all fail because he has no business sense and he lies to the investors, he consistently and admittedly lies to judicial and congressional bodies, he gets people to lend him money and then loses the money or finds an underhanded way of laundering it so he can keep it, he insults every minority and he sexually assaults women and girls of all ages. He even publicly gloats about his assaults. This is not a leader or an honorable person in any way.

God help us all?  No.  We have to help us all. Deities don’t need our politicians or our laws to protect them, the laws are there to protect the citizens. We cant continue to let politicians send our jobs overseas so the company stockholders can make more money. We can’t continue to let politicians cut education.  We can’t continue to let media outlets get away with knowingly falsifying facts.  We can’t continue to elect politicians who prey on our desperate and helpless beliefs of deities over our beliefs in ourselves.

What’s next?  The only thing I can say is good about this election is we have to stick together more than we have been.  The collective minorities are actually the majority; the hatred of the hate monger Trump could actually pull us all together.  We have to insist on building our country the way we see to, not the way the corrupt ones push to. The people have to rise up and take control. We can not let the politicians divide us like they do anymore. In doing this, they get us to loathe and mistrust people from other states. They divide and conquer…us. Then they sell us out. Then they prey on our weaknesses. Then they get rich and we lose our way of life.




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A Driving Navigation App My Mom Would Like

The other day I was driving somewhere and using a navigation app. At one point it told me to get in the left hand lane but the traffic was heavy, plus there was a truck next to me so I couldn’t.  When I was close to the turn and still in the right hand lane, the voice on the app started screaming at me. “Hey!  Listen to me!  I said 3 minutes ago to get in the left hand lane.  You are going to miss the turn!  What are you doing?!” I felt like my mother was in the car. Needless to say I missed the turn and then it told me to pull over and stop.  I don’t know why but I did. Then it really opened up on me. It called me a couple of mean names and said that if I wasn’t going to listen, then why bother asking it for directions.  Suddenly I felt like I was still married.  I was so stressed out as it was insulting me that I started crying…and I didn’t notice that a police officer had pulled up behind me. He got out of the car, walked up to my window, saw me crying and asked if I was OK. I told him that my driving app was yelling at me and he had me get out of the car and take a sobriety test. Yes I was sober. Afterwards, I deleted the app. Next time I will look up the directions ahead of time and write them down.

traffic stop




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Stuff We Never Think About

• When King Kong was in New York City, what did they do with his poop?
• If Febreze gets out odors, then why doesn’t it get out its own odor?
• I wonder how many dogs hear their owners having sex on a regular basis and sit there in the dark thinking “this is so unfair.”
• Did the dermatologist leave this magazine out so I would catch something and have to come back in a few weeks?
• How do people contract herpes of the eye?
• Why don’t lions just wait till the heard of gazelle fall asleep? All that chasing and jumping and risk of injury. Why bother?
• Why do they televise car races? — Look! They are going around the track again!
• I wonder if people had long make out sessions before toothpaste was invented.
• Do doctors check for a pulse before performing an autopsy?
• If Deepak Chopra’s name was Dave Smith, would anyone listen to what he says?
• Did the chef who prepared my meal have a runny nose from the steam?
• Has anyone ever done a study of people’s facial expressions as they walk out of the bathroom?
• How do they make “recycled toilet paper?”
• There is a scientific, evolutionary theory that states when humans’ jaws got smaller, it allowed our brains to get bigger.  So then humans with big mouths, had small brains.  I think that explains politicians.  Could people that run for office be a random outcropping of ancient inferior DNA?



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Astrology, The Drinking Game

GroundhogThere are only a few real holidays. Thanksgiving, Veterans and Memorial Days, Martin Luther King Day, Independence Day… and Groundhog Day. Did you ever see the movie Groundhog Day?  There was a great quote from it: “This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather.”

I wonder if 1000 years from now, people will think that we actually used to use animals’ shadows to predict the weather. It’s like how in the same way, we now think 1000 years ago they actually believed that connecting the little white dots in the night sky gave predictions of one’s future events in their lives and their personalities. Yeah, I’m talking about astrology. In reality though in ancient China, “Astrology” was probably just the name of a drinking game. I can imagine the scene in my head now: Five to ten villagers are sitting around a fire at night, drinking their home made bathtub whiskey, telling stories and laughing. Then silence falls upon the group. A minute later, one points up at the dark sky and yells, “Hey, I see a goat!” And the rest of them yell, “Drink!!!”

campfire pointing to the sky



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Sex, The First Time (and I don’t mean me)

Long long ago, far far back in time, sex didn’t exist yet. Living beings just grew and self-divided into two copies. But then at some point, two living creatures on Earth were the first to ever have sex. What inspired the first living beings on Earth to have sex? I know,cyanobacteria that’s a loaded question. Those first two beings weren’t human. They weren’t monkeys or dogs or birds or dinosaurs or spiders or fish or clams or plants or amoebae. They were bacteria. This is a known scientific fact.  Scientists say bacteria invented sex 1.2 billion years ago. Invented sex. It was a way to exchange DNA and pass traits on which would make them more able to survive.

1.2 billion years is a long time. But think about this, life existed for another 2.5 billion years before that. 2.5 billion years that life was on Earth and none of it was having sex. I’m amazed that it took them 2.5 billion years to figure it out. Could you imagine doing Twinsthe same reproductive act for 2.5 billion years? Not to mention, it is an act which involved splitting yourself in half. A bunch of single-celled organisms floating around, self-reproducing by splitting themselves in half, for 2.5 billion years. That would suck. Especially since, as we know, doing it yourself is just not the same. I guess after 2.5 billion years, I would be frustrated enough to try something new too.

The instinctual desire for a DNA-swap must have been building for a long, long time…millions of years. And I bet, unknown to each bacterium, the other bacteria were also hoping someone would stick their DNA into them. For the sake of discussion, I am assuming it was a mutual decision. But how to do it? I wonder if there was any courting that happened too or did the two bacteria just bump into each other, throw caution to the wind and get down to it right then and there. In fact, maybe it wasn’t two at a time. Maybe after the word spread, bacteria had a mass orgy going 24/7. Oh, to be a bacterium.

But while sex and the mass orgy are great ideas, bacteria don’t have ideas. So I am wondering, what would possess a living being to create sex? When no one was having sex and it had never been done before, when it wasn’t even an idea, what would possess something to have to get inside another….to stick it into them? And bacteria didn’t just invent sex, they invented the mechanics, the “pilus.” And yes, it kind of works the same way as the human one. I guess man’s “pilus” is nature’s way of confirming the old adage: if something works, don’t fix it. If bacteria could talk, I would imagine one saying to the other, “Give me that big pilus of yours.” Maybe the 2.5 billion sexless years is how much time it took to figure out how to grow a pilus.

I can’t create a pilus. All I can do is use the one I was given. Granted, I use it well but it’s not like it’s in the media or women are talking about it. If I could create them, I would have 4 or 5. Wouldn’t that make for fun nights.

Do bacteria have orgasms?  I assumed a living being required a complex system of nerves to have an orgasm and that is what would have led to the invention of sex.  But bacteria don’t have complex nervous systems so maybe an orgasm was just an unexpected fringe benefit.  However I refuse to believe the invention of sex was purely was logical so something must feel good to a bacterium about sticking it to another bacterium.  Do bacteria feel?

As we, humans, grow up, we learn about sex, we hear about sex, we see things everywhere implying sex, and then we instinctually imitate. It’s just like how we learn to talk or how parents that smoke tend to have kids that smoke no matter how much they tell their kids not to smoke. Monkey see monkey do. Of course, with sex, there is sexual desire too. That desire has been programmed into us throughout all the previous humans and the previous living beings in our pili-and-conjugationfamily tree that were having and desiring sex for billions of years. But again, at some point there was that first being.

I keep wanting life to be easy, but it’s not. We all have to fight for our survival. Bacteria have to fight for survival too. Instead of that bacterium though fighting or consuming another bacterium, why did it want to fuck it? If it had a thought, I assume it would be like this….“Hey, this has never been done before, so I don’t know why I want to do this, but I am so going to create a thing to stick in this other being and inject my DNA into it. Sounds like fun!” It wasn’t a conscious thought though because they don’t have thoughts. It had to be some sort of instinct.

The sex drive of bacteria is not just a biological adaptation to exchange traits to make themselves stronger and more able to adapt to the environment,Man Begging a Woman but it’s also a way to repair their damaged DNA thanks to their naturally weak defenses to all sorts of toxins and threats in the environment. In essence, bacteria have sex to save their lives. Think about that reality ladies the next time a guy uses a line like it’s going to kill him if you don’t sleep with him. There may actually be a genetic predisposition in him to feel like that (although it’s in a slightly different way than the bacteria).





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Battle of the Cheese States Erupts

Tensions over professed cheese quality that have been mounting between Wisconsin and Vermont, finally erupted in an all-out mass cheese brawl. What started years ago with jovial remarks between the states about their cheeses, took a bad turn during a football game between their two state schools. People were enjoying the game and cheering their teams, but then one of the Vermont fans threw a handful of cream cheese at a Wisconsin alum.  They responded by throwing a brick of cheddar and suddenly it was on.

A stadium wide cheese fight erupted. People were throwing Brie, Swiss, Munster, Gouda and even those UVMfieldcontainers of gooey nacho cheese. Wisconsin’s stadium groundskeeper and facilities manager, Tim Schneeburg said, “This place is a mess and its going to be a long time until we can clean it up.” University officials said they may have to cancel next week’s game. NCAA officials went on record stating they would never again schedule the two schools to meet.


Last month, in response to the latest remarks by Vermont’s governor Peter Shumlin, on how his state’s cheese is more natural, Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker, responded, “The only reason they say that is because their cheese stinks more…and the pungent smell isn’t coming from aging, its coming from the cow dung that they don’t clean out of their factories!”


Vermont’s Governor replied, “A barbaric remark from a disgusting man. Besides, they are insulting our cheese? Theirs comes from badger milk. And there is no way there cheese is better than ours… after all, it’s a state law in Vermont that for at least five minutes per day, dairy manufacturers have to pet each cow.”

These exchanges continued and hostilities increased between the states until one day, Vermont police pulled over a caravan driving into the state of heated trucks filled with old cheese from Texas. The cheese containers had labels that read “Real Vermont Cheese Stinks” and interrogation of the drivers revealed they had planned Checkpointon putting this cheese on grocery store shelves across Vermont.
Wisconsin then posted check points at their borders and on the very first day arrested a spy attempting to smuggle in fermentation mix that would have made the Wisconsin cheese taste like cough medicine.

A month later, the advertising company that prints Vermont cheese ads was hacked and ads went out all over the state showing people vomiting from their cheese. About the same time, the FBI raided a house in Wisconsin with a printing press that was making unauthorized copies of “Wisconsin Cheese” stickers which the employees were planning to attach to cans of spray Cheez Whiz all over the state.


After the football incident, the White House released a statement that President Obama is dispatching negotiators to help calm the situation. “We must have law and order surrounding the production of this important resource in our nation. Hostility must cease immediately. Besides, Illinois has the best cheese.” With that, protesters from Wisconsin and Vermont began rallying outside the White House to defend their State’s honor.

California Governor Jerry Brown today put in his two cents stating, “I agree that hostilities must cease and I’m also glad California isn’t involved in this. Besides, we have the best cheese. Let’s be honest, if you were a cow, would you rather live in sunny California or landlocked on boring endless fields of Wisconsin or Vermont? We treat our cows like family.”

California Cows




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