Creative Use of Technology

Transporter PadScientists are working on developing teleportation, the idea from Star Trek where people can be “beamed” from the spaceship to the planet surface or anywhere else. Instead of sitting in traffic, you could avoid it all and beam yourself to work. Instead of driving to the airport and going through the huge hassle that is, beaming yourself overseas would just take a few seconds. Avoiding travel time and the stress of travel is great, but I think there is another use for teleportation that would be a huge benefit to especially one sect of our population. Pregnant women. Can you imagine? No more long, painful births filled with blood loss, massive doses of anesthetic that can be harmful to the mother and the child, not to mention horrible muscle contractions, tearing of all sorts of things and even trauma to the baby. Just get Scotty in the control room, lock on the fetus and …..beam it out.

Update:  Great comment below that I am adding – “If the technology was refined enough maybe we could “beam out” other things such as tumors or shrapnel.”

beam me out

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The Dalai Lama, Reincarnation and a Question

Dalai Lama from his websiteI am not big on religion or the belief of supernatural beings, especially ones that claim to inhabit human bodies.  I will admit though that the Dalai Lama seems like a nice guy with good values.  His first priority in life is stated to be promotion of values such as compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, contentment and self-discipline.  In contrast to most world or religious leaders, I would like to meet him some day.

The organization claims he is the reincarnation from the previous Dalai Lama who was the reincarnation of that previous Dalai Lama, and so on and so on.  As stated on his website (and he has a Twitter account too), the Dalai Lamas are believed to be manifestations of enlightened beings of compassion and the patron saint of Tibet.  They are also believed to be beings who have postponed their own nirvana and chosen to take rebirth in order to serve humanity.  I don’t know how anyone could prove this, but OK.

By the Himalayan tradition, “phowa” is the discipline that transfers the mind stream from the deceased to the intended body.  Upon the death of the Dalai Lama and consultation with the Nechung Oracle, a search for the Lama’s reincarnation is conducted.  High Lamas scour the country of Tibet, if not the world, to find the reincarnation.  This search can take years.  The search for the present Dalai Lama took four years.  My question is, when this Dalai Lama dies and the reincarnation grows up, will he know the password to the official Dalai Lama Twitter account?

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Apparently, I was Evil in a Past Life

Good Evil SignI never used to believe in past lives, but that has now changed. Clearly I did something wrong in a past life and its coming back to haunt me.  Do you know how I know?  Everywhere I go I see a Kardashian.  It’s terrible!  In the grocery store, in the pharmacy, on tv, on the internet, they are everywhere!  I don’t know what I did, but it must have been really bad.  What did I do lord?  What did I do?  They are all over the fricking place.  I am deluged by the Kardashians.  These people don’t even do anything except get pictures taken of them doing nothing.  Even Paris Hilton has a career.  Kourtney is wearing this, Khloe is wearing that, Kim is divorcing whoever.  I even know their fricking names!  Please oh heavenly father, tell me what I did.  I’m begging you.

The Kardashians weren’t just inflicted upon me though.  They even corrupted a United States Olympian.  Bruce Jenner, this guy won the Decathlon, had his photos on cereal boxes, was an American icon and now he wants to be a woman.  Poor Bruce.  The Kardashians are evil, they are destroying the world and they are here because of something I did.  I’m sorry everyone.  I’m sorry god.  I’m so sorry!

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Star Party

I went to a star party last night.  Whats that?  Its a bunch of people hanging around in a parking lot, in the dark, looking at stars.  Its more fun than it sounds.  The organizer had a green laser that he used to point out stars and constellations.  The greatest thing is, the location was on top of a mountain and we could see the Milky Way Galaxy without a telescope.  That was the first time I saw the Milky Way; its generally impossible to see in a populated area as the light pollution drowns it out.  Seeing something so huge it stretches across the entire sky is quite overwhelming.  Knowing it is 100,000 light years across and houses maybe 300 billion stars (most of which probably have planets too) is even more awesome.  Mars and Saturn were clearly noticeable also.  All this stuff in the sky can be located on the iPhone app I use called Sky Guide (  Best two dollars I ever spent.  Also that night, we saw the International Space Station fly overhead.  You can know when it goes overhead by going to this NASA site (  On the way up the mountain, I stopped to take these photos above the fog that constantly makes San Francisco gray only 10 miles away.  If you click on them, the photos have great detail.

Sunset Near the Top of Mt. Tamalpais 9-27-2014

Sunset Near the Top of Mt. Tamalpais 9-27-2014

View from Mt Tam 8-2-2014

View from Mt Tam 8-2-2014

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Google’s Driver-less Car (my opinion)

Google Car 640x426Google is now in the process of making driver-less cars.  It has been reported that these cars don’t have steering wheels or brakes but they do have a panic button.  Yes, its true.  That makes sense; why would we need an option of steering or braking?  I’m sure nothing could ever malfunction, right?  I’m sure this thing will be the first device in human history to work exactly as planned and never break down in any way.  Yeah.  So…..when something does malfunction or someone bumps me on the highway and I am spinning in circles or careening out of control into oncoming traffic, with rivers of sweat streaming down my face, I guess Google thinks the best option would be to panic helplessly and press a button instead of doing something to save my own life and keep me from driving over the cliff.  Does the car also have a black box?  That way, when they recover my body, they can check the recording and hear me screaming and crying.  Then they will look at the data and say, “But look, he properly utilized the panic button.” And of course, it’s probably a button like at crosswalks….you know….they don’t actually do anything.

Maybe Google’s way of fixing car problems will be like their website update process.  They won’t ever talk to anyone.  They will just gather lots of data from the (in the case of the car) panic button black box, and then figure out what alterations to make to the driving algorithms in the future.  For example, if a high percentage of people hit the panic button as their cars are spinning in circles on the wet highway, then that will be something Google looks into fixing first.  If a low percentage of people hit the panic button because, lets guess, that the car might be perpendicular parking itself instead of parallel parking itself, then that malfunction’s fix will be put off until the panic button frequency increases to a higher level.  Of course, not many people will hit the panic button for perpendicular parking, so it could be a long time until that issue is fixed, unless the cars all suddenly decide to randomly perpendicular park on the freeway.  If that happens, I think the panic button will come in very handy as opposed to a steering wheel.

Speaking of one’s demise, I’ll never know about mine, since I won’t even know about any panic button usage issues as I will be sleeping off a drunken night out as the car takes me home.  Can the police arrest you for drunk driving if the car is doing the driving and you are sleeping?  Maybe the law will require you be awake and sober so you can press the panic button.  Actually, I can’t imagine ever NOT napping while the car takes you from place to place.

I also read that there is a spinning device on the roof that is a laser range finder.  This made me wonder, if a bird craps on the laser range finder, do you wake up in Mexico?  I guess that’s the other use for the panic button.  Lastly, I wonder if, being a Google car, the car takes you via the directions that Google Maps gives it?  So it will take the highway that’s 20 miles out of the way, make you drive down the most crowded roads, and wind you through the most dangerous neighborhoods surrounded by drug dealers and gang members while you sleep.  I can’t wait for this new technology.

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Dino Thoughts (not my thoughts, theirs)

newly found dinoI’m into science and as I was watching a TV show about dinosaurs recently, I imagined what it must have really been like to live then. What an existence the dinosaurs had; all day long….eat or be eaten. It made me think, I wonder if dinosaurs ever woke up, took a breath of fresh air and thought, “What a great day! The sun is shining, the pterodactyls are singing. I’m so happy to be alive.” If they did, I bet they were California dinosaurs. The Tyrannosaurus Californicus. A mostly vegetarian dinosaur but they would eat anything who didn’t subscribe to their political viewpoints.  They also had long arms with which to hug trees, and a rainbow emanating from their ass. Actually, the rainbow is a leading theory of mine, along the lines of the known theory of colored feathers on some dinosaurs.  Scientists though have yet to actually discover a fossil with a rainbow emanating from anywhere or an anatomical clue that one could even be produced.

I just read an article stating that some small dinosaurs apparently had tail feathers and may have used them as part of a mating dance. Now, I’m a big advocate of funding Triceratopsscience and more scientific research going on, but I would like to know how those scientists think they discovered that part about the mating dance. Maybe the dinosaurs they found were also wearing tight pants and sequined shirts. Reading this article did made me wonder what other dinosaurs did as a precursor to mating. stegosaurusDid the Tyrannosaurus Rex do a chest bump with his buddies before going to the dino bar to seek a potential mate? Did the Triceratops, the one with 3 big horns on its head, do an acrobatic horn stand to impress the ladies? Did the Stegosaurus, the one with the large, bony fins up and downBrachiosauraus its back, do a fin dance or a fin “wave” while purring like a kitten? That would be cool huh? Did the Brachiosaurus, the huge dinosaurs with the long neck and tail, do a seductive belly dance or neck snake dance?  The Velociraptors were a nasty, aggressive bunch.  Maybe they were into S & M.Velociraptors

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Hey, let’s go to the park!

“Going to the park.” It sounds like such a nice outing: Sunshine, relaxing walks, picnics, back to nature in a clean, safe place.   But living in the city of San Francisco, I have seen the reality of going to the park.  First of all, forget laying out the blanket and having a picnic.  The park grounds are all full of dog crap.  And of course that means the dogs are mostly off leash.  And of course, the dogs are mostly pitbulls.  And of course the dogs are mostly off leash because their owners are rude, inconsiderate assholes….or more correctly the nastiest, angriest neighbors in a 20 mile radius.  But don’t worry, pitbulls are loving creatures ….unless their owners teach them to be angry and nasty….but that hardly ever happens, right?  And of course the other park people are homeless people who live in the park…. who sleep on the park benches that now smell like them.  Think about that; you and your lover sit on that bench and enjoy the view and the day, and then the stuff you sat in adheres to your clothes, which it does, and then you go home and sit on your couch (so some of what was on your clothes is now on your couch) and then, continuing your day of nature, you go to the bedroom and make out on the bed before getting naked and doing in on the covers that are now contaminated with whatever was on the homeless peoples’ clothes….. that they wear every day of their lives…..without washing…..and who crap in the bushes….without paper or washing….and who truly enjoy the park by smoking grass, cause that’s the only pleasure they get from their crappy lives. Hey, let’s go to the park!

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